Opening Hours : E Hënë - E Premte 8.00 - 16.00
  Contact : +35542375265

Purpose and Objectives

KSU, National Public Health Institution in the service of health of the people to whom I provide preventive health services diagnosis and treatment according to the Constitution and laws of public health.
 KSU has the mission:
1. To provide specialized medical assistance for the whole country and for Tirana secondary medical service, serve with professionalism while respecting the rules of Dental and medical ethics and to maintain the confidentiality and patient information.
2. Respect and dignity of patients given psychological state and physical pain, but also has the obligation to serve the sick.
3. To serve as a basis for teaching to students of the Faculty of Dentistry, the continuous formation of doctors and trainees and staff of lower secondary medical.
4. To serve as scientific-research base in the health sector in collaboration with the Faculty of Dentistry in Tirana.

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