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Misioni I KSU eshte :
1. Te ofroje sherbim mjeksor te specializuar ne fushen e Stomatologjise : ndjekje dhe trajtim te pacienteve ne sektoret e kirurgjik , terapik , dhe ortopedik per banoret e Tiranes si dhe te gjithe republikes se shqiperise , si dhe te ofroje sherbime mjeksore parandaluese diagnostikuese dhe kuruese per semundje qe nuk mund te trajtohen ne insitucione shendetesore te tjera publikepasi KSU ndodhet ne tirane dhe perfshin sherbimin per te gjithe territorin e Republikes se Shqiperise . Kete sherbim u ofron dhe shtetasve te huaj dhe atyre pa shtetesi sipas kritereve te pranimit te KSU .
2. Te ofroje edukim universitar dhe pasuniversitar duke sherbyer si baze mesimdhenie per Fakultetin e Stomatologjise , formimin e profilizuar pasuniversitar , edukimin e vazhdueshem mjeksor stomatologjik .
3. Te sherbeje si qender kerkimore shkencore mbi bazen e praktikes mjeksore dhe pervojes se akumuluar. Ksu e ushtron kete funksion ne bashkpunim me insitutcionet
e arsimit te larte vendas dhe te huaj si dhe me qendra te specializuara ne kerkimin shkencor.
4. Sherbimi mjeksor ne KSU ushtrohet ne perputhje me Kushtetuten e Republikes se Shqiperise te ligjit nr 9106 date 17.07.2003 “ Per sherbimin Spitalor ne Republiken e Shqiperise “ , Ligjit nr 9928 dt 9.6.2008 “ Per sherbimin shendetesor ne Republiken e Shqiperise , ligjit nr 8615 date 01.06.2000 “ Per urdherin e mjekut , Kodin e punes te ligjit nr 8485, date 12.05.1999 per Kodin e procedurave administrative te Republikes se Shqiperise , si dhe akte te tjera ligjore nenligjore qe lidhen me veprimtarine e saj .

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Purpose and Objectives

KSU, National Public Health Institution in the service of health of the people to whom I provide preventive health services diagnosis and treatment according to the Constitution and laws of public health.
 KSU has the mission:
1. To provide specialized medical assistance for the whole country and for Tirana secondary medical service, serve with professionalism while respecting the rules of Dental and medical ethics and to maintain the confidentiality and patient information.
2. Respect and dignity of patients given psychological state and physical pain, but also has the obligation to serve the sick.
3. To serve as a basis for teaching to students of the Faculty of Dentistry, the continuous formation of doctors and trainees and staff of lower secondary medical.
4. To serve as scientific-research base in the health sector in collaboration with the Faculty of Dentistry in Tirana.

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Patient Admission

1. No patient will not be accepted without passing the filter
a) The patient over the age of 18 must be presented to the doctor I filter (which will be the visit of orientation according to the service you require, then to the checkout will receive invoice (if the service is paid) which will be registered with the all data that requires registry of cash and will be linked to the card which will be the name and card number which should correspond with procurement of the cash register and pass the respective halls.
b) Dec doctors nurses will complement halls modeled and registry files to be recorded bills. Register hall should clearly reflect the serial number in the database, the card number, a diagnosis which must correspond with the doctor’s diagnosis and diagnosis on the card that is reflected in the invoice and the date that the service is performed.
c) If for any reason the patient presented several times to get the medical service must clearly reflect all the sessions that is presented as the first in the register of room, the filter and the cash.
d) The doctor of the hall should reflect the internal card on the diagnosis and patient service you received for each class.
e) Cards must be completed each session.
f) At the end of the infirmary hall will complete correctly and responsibly statistics based on the model provided by finance which have met except for work performed and the amount of material supply from warehouses on the basis of copies of the bill which will be held by the end of the year and the amount of consumption based on rates approved, copies of which are found in all rooms.
g) Within the 5th of next month’s hall nurse must send statistics to the nurse in charge of the institution, which processes, and sends the summary makes the 10th of the month in the office of finance.

2. Patients receive free service dental service referred to state law will follow these steps:
Patients under the age of 18 will come equipped with vertifikate or other identification document.
a) The patient will be presented to the doctor I filter that makes orientation visit and sent across specialties where there is need for service.
b) makes specialist doctor visits, diagnoses and writes the prescription only work that has to do with the patient for that particular day.
c) The patient with prescription in hand will return to the doctor I filter which based on the diagnosis that has provided specialist and Ben opened registration card in the register of the filter.
d) patient after receiving a card with key data completed by the filter and the prescription given by a doctor where diagnosis and only work that has to make the patient the same day given on the card, the patient accompanied by a nurse of the hall appear in the hall where will receive the service.
e) Nursing hall will make registration in the register of the nurse who definitely should correspond with the filter database and the inside of the cards that I meet the doctor. We register the nurse should reflect all service sessions by medical protocol, these sessions should also be reflected in domestic card site completed by the physician and the registry of the filter.

We orthopedic wards and patient therapy after the visit appears to filter goes specialty orientation where service requests.
a) Ben doctor visit and writes the prescription with a diagnosis. The patient presented with prescription in hand to the ark, receives the respective bill was registered in the cash book and is connected to the card, she goes to the doctor who made the visit. Ben Hall nursing registration in the database with accurate data that are in the bill (if paid) and that will be reflected in the file.
b) The data from the final invoice for the service checkout orthopedic (name, surname, date, type of service, value) should definitely korespendoje with the data in the register of the ark, in the register of laboratories, to register the hall.
c) In the department of internal site therapy card should definitely register correspond with the cash box and the initial register in the register of nursing.

• Since the service is paid but requires several working sessions, all of these sessions will be reflected in the register of nursing and in our internal card completed by the doctor.
• At the end of the day cards must be submitted to filter and will be taken for each session by the nurse which make the filter registration.
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